Here it is! Our new single (in HD)! Enjoy!!!

This week's love is coming from Seattle and Frankenthal. Thanks and
Neon Ghosts for "Video Of The Week"!

Thanks for all the kind words Musikvideotoppen, Hot Press, Good Tunes For Good People
and of course, thanks Rockfoto, for Indie Single Of The Week!

Thanks to Meadow Music for the kind words!

Thanks for an awesome night Gothenburg! Here's that "crowd-selfie"!.. We're super-excited about tomorrow's release and showing you our new video!


Coming soon...

For more behind the scenes photos from the Shake It Off video shoot with Damien Priest, click here.

The overview of yesterday's video shoot. Huge thanks to Damien Priest, Tina Lundin, Annica Strömberg and Andy Hayball for supplying their talents and making it a success!

December 16th... Back on the road... this time we're going over the bridge and across the water to Copenhagen!
Nanna has kindly invited us to Drop Inn for a set - can't wait!!!
If you're in CPH tonight - we'd love to see you!

More love from the blogosphere - thanks Internet Noise!

Love, affection and curiosity from South Carolina - check out Indiexmusic!

A sneak preview of tonight's Linköping set - you'll notice a few virgins in there! Come down to Flamman, so in ten year's time you can say to your friends: "I saw them in Flamman when they played Saga, Planes and The Cure's Love Song for the first time!..."

Some love from Gothenburg Student Radio

Looking forward to seeing you all in Doc Lounge Malmö - pop down to Babel for sights and sounds...

Playing a few songs in town tonight - pop in and say "Hej!" - Nordic Vibrations strongly recommend it!

photo courtesy of Beatrice Törnros at

Thanks for a great night Gothenburg!!! - we really enjoyed playing Indie, Hopp & Kärlek!
Many thanks to Sebastian and all involved.

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Navelin Tour Dates

To see the rest of the Andy Hayball photo shoot, please visit our photo section.
A huge thanks to Andy Hayball (photography), Tina Lundin (styling) and Annica Strömberg (make-up).

Article from Kulturklubben Galej about Navelin

10/25/2014 4:58 PM

(In swedish)

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Our World is Yours, over 2000 plays!

1/20/2014 11:15 AM

Our World is Yours just passed 2000 plays on Spotify. Keep 'em coming!

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Trailer for our next single "Ofelia".

12/16/2013 9:08 AM

Release in January -14.

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'Our World is Yours' on Spotify

12/2/2013 8:57 AM

Today we bring you some great news: Our World is Yours is now available on Spotify.

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